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What Are The Benefits of Operable Walls?

 If you operate a business that deals with various events such as parties, weddings, meetings, seminars and the like, or you wish that you could renovate the space that you have and convert it into a multipurpose room, have you ever considered employing the technique of operable walls? From the name itself, it suggests that the walls can be moved in order to divide or join rooms together. This concept has long been around in the industry, giving businesses more options on how large or small they can accommodate their purpose. Also known as movable walls, it will make it easier for you to reconfigure space.


The benefit of operable walls itself are plenty! It is a very cost-competitive method when you gather all the materials needed to complete one – vinyl, glazing, trim, framing, hardware and doors. It is even more affordable to install compared to just sticking with dry wall. In this case, you will only need one trade for this. Disposal costs are non-existent when it comes to reconfiguration. This is because you only need to ‘move’ the walls in order to change the setting of the area. Movable walls are easy to clean, not to mention they are quick to do, too. They are pre-finished, meaning that you no longer need to painting or do any finishing to it. It is also considered to be less disruptive to the employees, resulting to less absentees. You don’t have to worry about damages on the floors or ceilings since they come with a mechanism built to move the walls. If you want to reconfigure the space, it will only take an hour or two to move the walls. The movable walls are reusable, thus contributing to the buildings that are friendly to the environment. Lastly, they depreciate as a furniture, and not together with the building. These tips has been given to us by Austalia’s popular Office Fit out company Multibuild. They are having their headquarters in Sydney but provide services all over Australia.

When you choose to employ operable walls to your space, you will save a lot of money. Just compare it to dry walls – you will need the expertise of finishers, electricians and carpenters, including all the other specialists in order to complete the wall. Movable walls only need two able-handed healthy individuals to move them. It is also flexible, since the old traditional walls can’t be moved according to your will since they are attached to the ground or the base of the building. These movable walls can be used to divide and join rooms according to how large the occupants will be. 

To sum it all up, operable walls are those that can be moved to divide or join rooms. If you wish to see an example of how movable walls operate, visit function rooms in hotels. You will see there how they have utilized movable walls that will benefit them. Sometimes you will see a number of hotels converting every function rooms they have into movable walls. This is not only limited to hotels, but can also be applied to residential areas, too. There is no limit to where you can apply movable walls. They are not noticeably detached to the building. They are made to look like they are a part of the room, too.

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