All Time Classics for Men’s Fashion

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Men, like women, have that “little black dress,” the classic pieces of clothing that never go out of style. For women, this includes the little black dress, the red high heels, and the perfect hand bag. For men, the list is a little less known – especially among the men themselves. These staple pieces are important to know and understand though, because without them no man would ever have that perfect outfit for any situation. Pay attention fellas.

Number one is the little black button down. You know, with the collar, buttons, and long sleeves. Perfect for parties, get-togethers, office events, and your kids’ school activities. This classic piece can do no wrong. Another classic piece for a man’s wardrobe – all time classic that is – is the khaki pants. These pants are just a little bit dressier than jeans and a little less so than suit pants, making them perfect for those events where you’re not sure if you’re supposed to dress casual or dressy. Paired with the black button down, the khakis are the equivalent to the woman’s red high heels. Custom t-shirts are also very popular among men these days. Speaking of shoes, the third and final staple of the man’s closet is a great pair of shoes. Depending on the climate in your area, you may have to extend this number to one per season – the shoes should be a neutral color and go well with the majority of your wardrobe. This is important because the wrong shoes can break the outfit – even the button-down black shirt and khaki combination.

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Here are some tips that will help you buy your shoes-

Men’s shoes can be super confusing to shop and buy for, especially if you are looking for shoes that are in style, and even more so if you need shoes on a budget. The good news is that you can find both stylish shoes for great prices – all you need is a few good shopping tips and a little know-how. With these you will be on your way to finding the shoes you love for less, and fast.

One thing you can do to find in-style shoes on a budget is to shop at gently used clothing stores. These places accept shoes that have been gently worn from people who don’t want them anymore and sell them back at amazing prices. Many times name brands and quality shoes can be found for much less than the original sales price. Another great tip for shopping for in-style shoes is to look for shoes that are classic and pretty much timeless. This is invaluable for the clueless male who has trouble keeping up with the latest fashions. This way you have great shoes that are always in style and still not spend half of your income on shoes.

Finally, the best thing you can do to buy stylish shoes on a budget is to be true to yourself and your budget. If you simply don’t have the money for a $150+ pair of shoes, don’t use it for them! Doing this is the surest way to getting shoes you can afford and still feeling good about it.